WiRE Mission

The mission of WiRE is to help support women in the restoration and engineering field, or any related field (everyone is welcome)!  We began in Chicago, but there is also interest growing in other cities. The goal is to grow small networks and mentoring in other cities and then unite once a year for an annual one-day conference. This will begin in Chicago and then move to other cities. Please contact one of us if you are interested in getting involved with WiRE or would like to start up a chapter in your area!

Amy Lamb Woods

Chicago, Founding President
Amy loves historic preservation and materials, especially anything that has cement or pozzolans as components! She enjoys volleyball, football, baseball, golf and taking her Alaskan Malamute pup out on dog sledding excursions.


Stephanie Davis

Stephanie is fascinated by historic structures including their construction and histories. She spends her free time playing ice hockey, at CrossFit, or in Maine with her husband and dog.


Erin Fisher

New York City
Erin became enchanted by old buildings ever since a trip to Paris where she visited the Musee d’Orsay, which occupies an old train station. Always striving for work-life balance, she also enjoys playing with her husband and kids, travelling, gardening, and hosting karaoke parties in her garage.


Andrea Hebard

Andrea loves construction, specifically transportation, and materials.  After work, she enjoys outdoor activities with her friends, family, and pets.


Taryn Williams

San Francisco
Taryn loves crawling around old buildings, figuring out construction and condition, and advising owners on how to care for them. She is passionate about teaching and learning in all forms, whether it’s about engineering, through travel, or by speaking foreign languages.


Connie Lai

Washington DC
Connie is a historic preservation architect who works for a general contractor. When she isn’t on a construction site, she makes pottery, goes to the opera, plays golf, and is an unapologetic foodie.


Doris Vales Eichburg

Doris specializes in evaluating failures of existing building systems, designing remedies, and assisting in the resolution of related disputes. In her spare time, she loves to go running, practice yoga, and try out new brunch places.


Arden (Hach) Lawler

Next Generation Leader
Arden follows her mommy’s bootsteps and represents the third generation of female concrete restoration contractors. When she is not excelling at math in kindergarten she’s swinging an air hammer or golf clubs.