Women in Restoration & Engineering

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Women in the Built World Symposium

Virtual Half-Day Afternoon Event

Friday, March 19, 2021, 12-5pm CST / 1-6pm EST

WiRE & NWiR: Books & Bubbly

WiRE & NWiR (National Women in Roofing) are joining forces in launching the best book club ever! No matter what type of reader you are, this group is for you. JOIN NOW so you don’t miss out on our next book!

WiRE Chicago: Masonry Hands-on Workshop

WiRE Virtual: Masonry Facade Restoration

October 26, 2020

WiRE Chicago: Ballsy Ladies Golf Outing

October 16, 2020

WiRE Virtual: Trivia Event with Landmarks Illinois Skyline Council

July 9, 2020